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Gather: Make: Shelter is a citywide creative collaboration shepherded by artist Dana Lynn Louis to create a new model of engagement
and connection between people experiencing homelessness and those more fortunate in Portland, Oregon. The project bridges art making, skill building and philanthropy through a direct, humanitarian effort within our community.




Dana Lynn Louis is a visual artist who makes works that honor the interconnectedness of being and explore the timeless, magical reality of biology in the natural, personal, and constructed worlds we inhabit. Glass, light, drawing, shadow and a variety of other media shape her work, which fluctuates between intimate, domestic-scale pieces, interdisciplinary performance collaborations, and large scale public installations. As a response to tenuous political and environmental climates worldwide, Louis seeks commissions and projects that allow her to imbue spaces with beauty and hope, and open a window into a world of calm contemplation. From intimate objects and drawings to all encompassing environments, Louis creates visual worlds that help us perceive the beauty, levity, and wonder that exist in the natural world and in our own bodies and minds.

Louis brings a social component to her work as well based on her teaching of yoga and her experiences traveling through West Africa and helping to create Ko-Falen, a cultural center in Bamako, Mali. For example, at the Oregon State Hospital, she incorporated her teaching practice into workshops involving writing yoga meditation and beading, which resulted in permanent works for a new hospital. In January 2017, Louis returned from a residency in the remote village of Sinthian in Senegal, West Africa where she introduced yoga and drawing classes and collaborated closely with villagers on several projects.

Louis’ work has been exhibited and collected Internationally. Articles about her work have appeared in such periodicals as Sculpture Magazine, Artweek and the German magazine Glashaus. Lewis and Clark College also published a book on Louis’ work aligned with a major solo exhibition entitled “Clearing” in 2014. Louis has received awards from The Pollack Krasner Foundation, the Regional Arts and Culture Council, the Ford Family Foundation, and the Oregon Arts Commission. Her Artist in residency Awards include: The Museum of Glass in Tacoma Washington, Bullseye Glass Factory, Ohio State University, Oregon College of Art and Craft, Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, and THREAD a project of the Joseph and Anni Albers Foundation in Senegal, West Africa.

Louis has a BA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in Art and Education, and an MFA from the Ohio State University. She lives in Portland, Oregon.



Dana Lynn Louis- Founding Director

Tiffany Harker - Project Coordinator

Sarah Chenoweth Davis - Ceramic Wrangler

Quire - Webmaster

Tracy Schlapp- Cumbersome Multiples: Graphic Designer

Eugenie Jolivett Fontana - Funding platform Genie

Kendra Roberts- Social Media and Marketing

Linda Lopeman - Events Consultant

Ethan Seltzer- Senior Intern

David Airhart- Schlepper

Chanda Zea  - Glaze Goddess

Gather:Make:Shelter is sponsored and funded by the Charitable Partnership Fund, a 501(c)(3), publicly supported, charitable organization.



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