The Gather:Make:Shelter Academy

The Academy pairs professional ceramic artists with painters who are experiencing homelessness to collaborate on new works together over the course of a year. At every art-making event, stipends and food are provided for all participants.


Additionally, skill-building workshops for houseless painters will intersect with The Portland Art Museum, local galleries, and The Multnomah County Library. Throughout the yearlong project, the painters have the opportunity to be in leadership roles and co-teach on of the 60 workshops hosted by 17 social service agencies and camps, which will impact over 600 people.

The collaborative work created by one-one-one partnerships will be exhibited at The Russo Lee Gallery, Portland OR in the summer of 2020. Proceeds go directly to houseless artists.

It is the mission of The Academy to support creative and entrepreneurial skill-building through these activities, and can serve as a step in nurturing self-confidence and human connectivity. 

By providing partnerships and creative outlets for houseless members of our community, we facilitate simple ways for people to envision themselves in future projects and potential jobs.